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“Change is needed to thrive in this world. I help leaders and organizations transition from being power driven into purpose driven. A psychologically safe work environment allows for exponential growth, unleashes employees’ potential and builds brand loyal communities.”


My Purpose and Value Proposition

Advisor & (interim) management

I advise supervisory boards, executive boards, organizations and leaders on how to formulate and implement impactful HR strategies. I also support them to make optimal People decisions in line with their business ambitions and their transition to purpose driven business operations.

Coach & facilitator

I help entrepreneurs, employees and leaders shift their mindset from reactive to creative. By taking into account different aspects needed for business evolution, such as talents, leaders, diversity, equity, inclusion and People strategies.

Thought leader & moderator

At VU University, I conduct research as a Ph.D. student focused on critical leadership behaviors that are needed for business transformation, including aspects of ‘eco-system economy’, (executive) development, talent, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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“I help individuals and businesses that want and dare to have a different, more courageous, more authentic and bolder conversation about their business, talents and leadership.”